Is Enola Holmes the New Deadpool?


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I'm so sorry for that clickbaity title I just found it hilarious because of those amazing fourth wall breaks, but anyway moving past that now let's talk about Enola Holmes the movie written by Nancy Springer and directed by Harry Bradbeer. I recently watch this new Sherlock adaptation called Enola Holmes. I clicked on the movie with little expectations and because a friend asked me to review it, but I mean, Sherlock has been adapted in many ways and, while I love most of the adaptation, it is overdone. So, I went in expecting a similar story to Sherlock, but with the sister. I was confident it would be entertaining, for sure, but not really planning a review, even though it was requested. Obviously, since I’m writing this, I changed my mind about that original reaction. While watching I took some notes because I wanted to be fair and not miss anything, but really just like when I was in school, probably won’t read those notes, but I will still give you guys my honest opinion.

The story is about Sherlock and Mycroft’s sister Enola Holmes. She was raised by only her mother and educated in a radical way for the time by said mother. However, when she turned sixteen her mother mysteriously banished, and Enola wants to find her. That’s where the whole story begins. She, wanting to strike out on her own, while Mycroft insists on her getting a “proper” education. I think they developed this story very well using everything we love about Sherlock, but somehow making it better. The story is the right mix of action, emotional, and funny scenes that move the story effortlessly and keeps you engaged from beginning to end. The use of fourth wall breaks was absolutely fantastic and they didn’t feel like it derailed my attention from the story, it actually helped me stay invested because a simple wink to the audience could change the tone of the story.

Overall, I did feel the story was great. It had Sherlock’s typical deduction scene and to that, they added Enola’s wordplay, which I think was a very welcomed addition. The story has depth, it’s not just another detective movie, but it’s also a meeting the world kind of movie too. It touches on sensitive topics that don’t feel brushed off, nor do they come off as forced down our throats. The sensitive topics are somewhat what drives the story because Enola has to figure out what she thinks about it all and how to stand her ground in her beliefs when people tell her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, which it’s something we’ve all struggled with. If you’re someone who loves Sherlock Holmes, I’m sure you will love his sister too. Just don’t be too discouraged if Sherlock acts weird since I know there are multiple thoughts about this Sherlock in particular, but remember, he isn’t the important one in this movie. She is, so go, give Enola a chance. She won’t disappoint. Hope you enjoyed and please comment your thoughts on the movie and share this with the world! I would greatly appreciate it.

With lots of love,

Mariana Victoria


  1. I absolutely LOVED the movie! The part I least liked were the Holmes boys, tbh.

    1. Yeah the Holmes boys were a little weird, but it worked with the story at least


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