Is It Possible to Live Without Any Expectations?

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Have you ever started a project or met someone new and to save yourself from disappointment, you tell yourself you don’t expect anything from it you’re just going with the flow? And has it ever worked? I ask because I do tell myself all the time “No, I’m just seeing how this goes, but obviously I have no expectations,” and usually, it’s a big fat lie. And it’s not because I don’t try, I do want to live my life without so many expectations, but then once in a while those thoughts just escape, leaving me disappointed with the way things go.

It happens in many scenarios like relationships, jobs, and even side projects we do. Like when you fresh meet someone and you develop a friendship, and maybe you start getting expectations of how that friendship should be. Just kind of letting your imagination run wild, you imagine scenarios and situations and how you wish the person would react, and by sheer coincidence, something similar to what you imagined happens and the person just doesn’t react like they did in your imagination and suddenly you’re disappointed. Without realizing or maybe realizing it, you had started to expect something of that person.

So, is it possible to not have even that little bit of expectation in anyone? I honestly, don’t know the real answer because I’m not an expert in anything so please don’t quote me on any of this, but I feel like maybe it’s not possible to live without expectations, we will always imagine some things one way and not always is going to go how we think. Not to say that’s always a bad thing because people and circumstances can surprise us in positive ways. However, I do believe we can control our reactions to those expectations. We can choose not to hold it against other people when they don’t meet our expectations. It’s really not their fault if they do something we feel disappointed about. Maybe they’re doing the best they can, and we were just expecting too much. Sometimes we put people up to unreachable standards and then hold it against them if they can’t meet them. But please don’t get me wrong I’m not justifying any behavior that intentionally hurts someone, people do need to be held accountable for their actions. I’m going more on the line like maybe you were expecting something super funny from me and then I go and make this post on expectations that is not funny at all and now you get disappointed and hold it against me, so please don’t, I’m not always funny, sometimes I pretend I know stuff. So, sorry for this kind of deep, but not really that deep at all topic. I hope you like it and share it, but if you don’t like it, share it anyway, you got little to lose. Thank you for reading!

With all my love,
Mariana Victoria


  1. I do believe communication is key, in order to avoid disappointments we gotta let others know what we expect of them.

    But every now and then it's good to be surprised without expectations. Loved your blog ❤️


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