YouTubers That Keep Me Sane

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YouTube is such a complex and broad place. There are probably a lot of things I could write about this place and maybe I will in some other post, but for now, I want to write about a nontoxic side I found on YouTube. Now this channel I will mention, I found months ago, back in 2019, but I didn’t pay a lot of attention to it. I liked it, sure, but I would only watch it when I couldn’t sleep or something like that. I wasn’t looking for it or watching it religiously every day like I usually do with new channels I love.

When the dreaded quarantine started my anxiety levels, which were high already, skyrocketed and nothing was really helping. Sure, the classes kept me busy and my favorite series helped for a while; however, when the classes ended and none of the streaming services I usually watched were helping, I turned to YouTube. The only problem was that the things I usually watched were drowned in dramas. Don’t get me wrong, I do watch those drama channels so that’s why they were being recommended, but this time it got to a point that even drama that had nothing to do with me was just giving me horrible anxiety so I had to leave the platform and just watch some sitcoms. But every day, I would try YouTube, because sometimes I’m a masochist, and leave with anxiety to watch a sitcom. The process kind of repeated itself for a few days until I rediscovered the channel RoomieOfficial.

He makes a lot of commentary, not reaction, videos about music stuff. The channel is lighthearted, very humorous, and honestly has kept me as sane as possible in these rocky times. The guy is crazy talented (in my very non-expert opinion) and funny. I would say he is the opposite of problematic, I mean, he’s not perfect, but I don’t think he has been in many controversies, which is honestly a breath of fresh air. I can just enjoy him without worries. And while all of that is great and review-worthy, the one thing that actually made me want to write this post is his desire to help other small music channels on the platform. He would do challenges (not sure if he still does them because I’ve been watching his stuff without following the timeline) and post his favorite contestants on his channel, encouraging his subscribers to go subscribe to other very talented people. This helps those channels grow faster and creates a community. He even went as far as buying one of his fans a microphone because she was an amazing singer so she could make better videos. It just seems like he goes the extra mile to push forward those upcoming musicians.

So, I encourage you to check him out if you like “music stuff, funny stuff, and other stuff” as he would say. I don’t think you’ll regret it, and hell maybe you’ll find other channels like his that you’ll love too. Which incidentally, I did. Through him, I found Boyinaband who you should also follow because his videos are simply amazing too, even if he doesn't post constantly. So, go, check them out and remember that it’s okay to be a little bit pitchy sometimes (if you check RoomieOfficial out you’ll get the reference). Thank you for reading!

With lots of love,

Mariana Victoria

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