My Thoughts on Mantis From the MCU

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A year or two ago I made a publication for another blog about the best characters in Avengers: Infinity War and in that publication, I didn’t add Mantis. Normal, right? Well after that, a good friend of mine pointed out that Mantis was essential for the plan the guardians, Dr. Strange, and Tony had to stop Thanos. And now years later I decided that yeah, Mantis deserves more credit than she gets, and I will give it to her here.

We first meet Mantis in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 where she was essentially Ego’s slave. In this movie, we learn all about her abilities to feel and manipulate emotions when she touches another person. I’ll admit, this doesn’t seem to be the most useful ability when it comes to fighting battles, but in two of the three movies Mantis has been it, the ability to manipulate emotions has been essential for some plans to succeed.

In that first movie she appears, the Guardians ask her to put Ego to sleep for long enough for them to plan an escape, and even though Ego is one powerful being, she manages to hold him and keep him asleep for quite some time. The same thing happened in Avengers: Infinity War where she manages to maintain Thanos, who already had four infinity stones, calm while the rest of the team tried to take the gauntlet. And she could have held him for longer if Star-Lord hadn’t punched Thanos when he did.

So, do I think Mantis is the most powerful character there is? No, of course not, but I don’t think is fair to say that she is useless just because she isn’t the ablest on a big battlefield. Also, I want you guys to keep in mind that I wrote this with only the movies for information about the character because apparently, she has a lot more abilities in the comics that would make her very useful on a battlefield as well as on a specific mission plan. Thank you for reading and I hope you can see Mantis more positively than before.

With lots of love,

Mariana Victoria



  1. Star Lord did nothing wrong! 😭

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