Everyone Should Stop What They're Doing and Watch "Julie and the Phantoms"


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          Today I’ve decided to pretend I know anything about movies and TV shows, because pretending I know stuff is a passion of mine, and I’m going to give my very positive review about the Netflix show Julie and the Phantoms. I admit that going into the show I didn’t have the highest expectation, I mean it looked interesting, but I was kind of in a slump and I was going to use the show for background noise and to catch a glimpse of BooBoo Stewart whenever he appeared on the screen. So, the first few minutes of the show, I was not paying much attention, just enough attention to know what was going on, but not invested completely. After like ten minutes of not paying it the attention it deserved, I decided to give it my complete attention, to actually give it a fair chance, and oh boy was that the right move. As soon as my attention was redirected toward the show, I was hooked. The storyline, the character development, the music, everything was just so perfect!
            Now the premise of the show, for those of you who still haven’t seen it yet, is that these three bandmates died in 1995 and are suddenly brought back as ghosts in 2020 by Julie who is the only one who can see them, except for when they play music. If they play, they’re visible to anyone, as soon as the music stops, they disappear. The show follows the four musicians as they try to figure out what they should do now with the possibility of being able to play music again. It really sounds like a silly show, but the way they developed was super amazing and magical, in my very humble opinion.
            The show has the right mix of humor and deep feeling moments that leave you in tears right after you laughed your tushy off. The characters are well developed with amazing stories and personalities; I don’t think I saw a character that just felt out of place or irrelevant. No, every character was just perfect in their role. And I know that all I’m really saying is that the show was perfect without giving you an ounce of proof, but there is just no other way to describe it. It really did feel like the perfect show for me at that particular moment. So, if you have a few hours to spare and don’t know what to do, I recommend you watch Julie and the Phantoms, you really won’t regret it. I hope you enjoyed and please comment and share this post with the world. And then go watch the show, at the very least it will entertain you more than doing nothing at all.

With lots of love,
Mariana Victoria


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