The Aftermarth

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            All things being equal was a nice sentiment that began the revolution. People were tired of all the disparity, all the poverty that could have been erased if the few stopped the greediness. The only problem with rebelling is that the rebellious part is also attacked by greediness. It’s an incurable disease that spreads rapidly from person to person making them want more and more. No matter how good the intentions were during the revolution, things didn’t really change just the people in charge. But that greedy nature in the decision-making stayed the same.
            Today I woke up like any other day, way too early and unrested. It was dark and cold and for the millionth time in my life, I wished for a little bit of rest. With a sigh I got up, no rest for the wicked, I guess. I went through the routine in a haze. It never really changes so in reality I could do this in my sleep and every morning I wish I was doing it in my sleep.
            After getting dressed and looking almost presentable I left my room and was met with the dim corridor I see every morning. Every corridor in the building led to the common room where we have our food. A few people were getting out at the same time as me, we’re the early birds, I guess. I tell myself I get up this early because the food is better, but in reality, I’m just scared of being late.
            I walk with the few people up; we don’t talk much. My best guess is that we’re all tired and is way too early for chatter. Once in the common room, we all have the same breakfast in silence. I usually sit alone in a corner. It’s easier that way, no need to pretend I’m happy with this way of life.
            After breakfast, the day goes on excruciatingly slow. I go to work at an office attending call after call, writing email after email and everything is the same. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m saying from the many times I answer the same questions over and over again. I feel like an observer in my own life. There is no companionship, not anymore. We’re all surviving and this survival mode means every man for themselves, leaving very little place for friendship.
            Soon the end of the day came, and it was dinner time. Dinner is the same as breakfast, we all have it in the common room and it’s the same for every one of us. The same way I eat breakfast alone, I eat dinner alone. No one to tell my day and, if I’m being honest, I have nothing to say anyway.
            Going back to my room is the best part of my day, it’s like going back to safety. Sometimes I wish my life were different, that I could choose what I wanted to do, to have companionship. I could change my situation, just one friend, and everything would change, but I like being alone. It’s just easier this way. After a long hot shower, I get into bed ready for the cycle to be repeated over and over again.

So this is a story I wrote for one of my writing classes and forgot about it until a few days ago. I think it has the potential for something more but I haven't really explored where the story could take me. Tell me what you thought in the comments and please share! I would really appreciate it.
With lots of love,
Mariana Victoria


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